Use and Care

How to take care of sink and Daily Maintenance

SAYO uses only highest quality stainless steel of alloy grade 18/8 (AISI 304) this means with roughly 18% chromium and around 8% Nickel, to satisfy the highest possible standards.

Stainless Steel integrates beautifully in any kitchen environment – better than almost any other material with its properties.

  • Classic timeless aesthetic
  • Rust Proof
  • Completely Heat Resistance
  • Suitable For Food Use and Hygienic
  • Stain & Acid Resistance
  • Non Fading
  • Easy to Care For

Every product has limitations and in time may deteriorate form handling, cleaning or exposure to atmospheric conditions such as extreme climate, pollution and proximity to salt water, humidity and ultraviolet rays. Eventual tarnishing is therefore, not a perfect, but a normal process, which is unavoidable. Proper care as below would ensure that these products last a longer period for its aesthetic and usage.

Clean the sink once in a day. For cleaning, use mild soapy water and rub in the direction of grain lines, rinse and towel dry.

  • Avoid use of cleaners and bleachers containing harmful chemicals and acids.
  • Steel wood/ wired brush/ abrasive sponge pads are not recommended for cleaning as it leads to scratches and rusting on the sink, instead use soft household sponge or cloth.
  • Drying is very important to eliminate the collection of lime scale, mineral deposits and calcium stake.
  • Always rinse the sink after every use and wipe dry.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with citric or high salt concentration food as it can lead to staining, pitting and corrosion of the sink.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will lead the film coating to stick to the sink and may be difficult to remove later.
  • Stubborn stains from hard water’s salt particles deposits can be removed by pouring a little warm vinegar based cleaner into the sink and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Please be particularly careful for knives and sharp objects during cleaning to avoid damaging the sink surface.
  • Remove all traces of cement, mortar, lime, POP, etc. used during installation as it can leadto surface rusting or pitting.
  • Gently open & close door cover. Avoid to put heavy things or impact of any hard object on sink cover as it may damage the cover as well as touch panel.
  • Power socket of intelligent & ultrasonic sink must be reliably grounded.
  • Only the voltage indicated on the apparatus is applicable to the intelligent & ultrasonic sink, and please makes sure that the voltage conforms to relevant safety standards.
  • Please do not touch its plugs with a wet hand in case of electric shock.
  • The intelligent & ultrasonic sink is strictly forbidden from being started in a case of no water, as such an operation may affect its service life
  • During the cleaning, if the ultrasonic sink stops, and the light of the “Power” indication area flashes in the meantime, please shut it off and restart later for cleaning. In a case that the above situation takes place repeatedly, please cut off its power source and contact an authorized service center.
  • Operate touch panel buttons gently.
  • Check for proper electrical connections before switch on of ultrasonic function.
  • Avoid repeatedly ON-OFF of power supply within short span of time.