1. Ultrasonic Effect

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    Ultrasonic Effect

    Generate Ultrasonic wave cavitation effect that cleans pesticide residues, chemicals, dust, wax, etc from the surface of eatable. Also cleans many accessories like ornaments, spectacles, watch, etc. Sterilization & disinfecticise of all kitchen utensils by removing all debris.

2. SS 304 Material

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    SS 304 Material

    Food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel with 25 years of Warranty

3. Operating Touch Panel

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    Operating Touch Panel

    High sensitive Finger touch panel for ease of controlling different functions during operation.

4. Hand Crafted

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    Hand Crafted

    Latest in designer’s series, Hand Crafted High pricision brush finish to give modern look to your kitchen. Also 4mm top and 1mm body thickness gives long lasting life of the sink.

5. Sound Deadened Pad

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    Sound Deadened Pad

    Special sound reducing pads for better tap wash operation

6. Stylish Glass Cover

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    Stylish Glass cover

    To give extraordinary stylish look to your kitchen.

7. Anti Fungal Coating

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    Anti Fungal Coating

    Outer surface is coated with high quality Anti Fungal layer and anti corrosive coating for longer life.

8. High Quality Drain System

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    High Quality Drain System

    High quality SS basket waste coupling and PVC drain kit.

9. TUV-SUD Certified Product

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    TUV-SUD Certified Product

10. Zero Maintenance

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    Zero Maintenance

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