About Ultrasonic Kitchen Sink

SAYO Ultrasonic Kitchen Sink is the green, safe and efficient technology of frequency conversion modern cutting-edge hi-tech achievement breaking the limits of the traditional kitchen Sink for the health conscious people as it provides pesticide residues free food for Healthy & Happy Family.

SAYO Ultrasonic Kitchen Sink can effectively clean and purify all kinds of food, dining ware, ornaments, and the like. Based on an original highly effective frequency conversion technology, its frequency and operating mode can be adjusted to the optimal state by automatically matching objects to be cleaned inside the sink. High-frequency energy released in water can thoroughly clean different numbers of items at different water levels without any residual at a vibration frequency of 30,000-40,000Hz.

Product Characteristics

Environment friendly

Only water is needed, free of any chemical substances cleaner


Cleaning deeply to effectively remove pesticides, germs and grease etc.


Based on a microcomputer intelligent control system, multiple modes are available to meet

different functions of cleaning.